Swedish Word: hans

English Meaning: his

Example Sentences:

Medan han var bortrest i tre månader hade brottslingarna brutit sig in i hans hus.
The criminals had broken into his house while he was away for three months.
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Förutom en liten bit korv var hans kylskåp tomt.
Except for a small piece of sausage his fridge was empty.
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Hans TV hade ingen fjärrkontroll.
His TV didn't have a remote control.
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Hans blodtryck är väldigt högt.
His blood pressure is very high.
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Hans skador var livshotande.
His injuries were life-threatening.
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Bilen är hans stolthet och glädje.
The car is his pride and joy.
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Han gör som han vill oavsett vad hans föräldrar säger.
He does what he wants regardless of what his parents say.
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