Swedish Word: en kväll
Singular (Definite): kvällen
Plural (Indefinite): kvällar
Plural (Definite): kvällarna

English Meaning: evening

Example Sentences:

Hon kom igår kväll.
She arrived last night.
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Jag är väldigt trött på kvällen.
I'm very tired in the evening.
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Djuret dog igår kväll.
The animal died last night.
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Ha en trevlig kväll.
Have a pleasant evening.
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Har du tid i kväll?
Do you have time this evening?
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Vad jag hatar dessa kvalmiga sommarkvällar!
How I hate these sultry summer evenings!
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Jag skulle ha gått på festen i kväll med mina vänner, men jag hinner inte.
I would go to the party with my friends tonight but I'm too busy.
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