Swedish Word: gå upp

English Meaning: to rise, to go up

Word Forms: går upp, gått upp, gick upp

Example Sentences:

Jag har gått upp i vikt sedan vi träffades senast.
I've put on weight since the last time you saw me.
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Alla vet att solen går upp i öster.
Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east.
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Du måste gå upp tidigt imorgon.
You will have to get up early tomorrow.
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Jag går upp klockan 7.
I get up at 7 o'clock.
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Jag gick upp i vikt.
I put on weight.
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Tågbiljettpriserna kommer att gå upp i januari.
Train fares will rise in January.
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Related Words:

1. to walk, to go 2. to leave 3. to be shown (on cinema, theatre, TV) 4. to pass 5. to work out, to function 6. to lead

Here: to walk, to go

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