Swedish Word: mitt

English Meaning: my (singular, neuter)

Example Sentences:

Elementet i mitt hus läcker.
The radiator in my house is leaking.
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Mitt rykte står på spel.
My reputation is on the line.
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Fick du mitt brev?
Did you receive my letter?
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Mitt syskonbarn fyller tolv imorgon.
My niece turns twelve tomorrow.
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Sjutton också! Jag har glömt mitt lösenord igen!
Shoot! I've forgotten my password again!
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När jag reser till andra länder tar jag med mig kopior av mitt pass.
When I travel to other countries I bring copies of my passport along with me.
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När jag tappade nyckeln till mitt hus fick jag ringa en låssmed som kunde släppa in mig.
When I lost the key to my house I had to call a locksmith to let me in.
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