Swedish Word: skulle

English Meaning: 1. would 2. should

Example Sentences:

Jag skulle vilja köpa en biljett.
I would like to buy a ticket.
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Jag skulle vilja öppna ett bankkonto.
I would like to open a bank account.
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En dag skulle han vilja bo i Japan.
One day he would like to live in Japan.
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Skulle du vilja komma på vår grillfest?
Would you like to come to our barbecue party?
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Jag skulle vilja betala direkt.
I would like to pay immediately.
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Jag skulle vilja tala med min advokat.
I would like to talk to my lawyer.
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Om du kunde bli osynlig för en dag, vad skulle du göra då?
If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
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