Swedish Word: sitt

English Meaning: his, her, its, ones, their (neuter)

Example Sentences:

Han berättade att han slagits mot sjukdomen alkoholism under hela sitt vuxna liv.
He said that he has battled the disease of alcoholism for all of his adult life.
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Han förnyade sitt pass igår.
He renewed his passport yesterday.
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Britterna är besatta av tanken på att äga sitt eget hus.
British people are obsessed with the idea of owning their own house.
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För att spara tid så köpte han sitt intyg via Internet.
To save time he bought his diploma through the Internet.
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Varsågod och sitt ner!
Please sit down!
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Hon vill tillbringa resten av sitt liv på Nya Zeeland.
She wants to spend the rest of her life in New Zealand.
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Berlin är känt för sitt nattliv.
Berlin is famous for its nightlife.
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