Swedish Word: klara

English Meaning: 1. to cope with 2. to pass (a test) 3. to clear (the voice)

Word Forms: klarade, klarar, klarat

Example Sentences:

Jag klarar inte den här pressen längre.
I can't cope with this pressure anymore.
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Jag klarar inte av det här.
I can't deal with this.
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Grattis, du klarade tentan!
Congratulations! You have passed the exam.
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Grattis till att du klarat tentorna.
Congratulations for passing your exams!
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Tillsammans klarar vi det.
Together we can do it.
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Om du inte studerar mer kommer du inte att klara matteprovet.
If you do not study more, you will not pass your maths exam.
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Efter att ha klarat uppkörningen köpte han en bil.
After passing the driving test he bought a car.
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