Swedish Word: en park
Singular (Definite): parken
Plural (Indefinite): parker
Plural (Definite): parkerna

English Meaning: a park

Example Sentences:

Vill du gå till parken? Vi kanske får se några ekorrar igen.
Do you want to go to the park? Maybe we will see a few squirrels again.
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Hyde Park är den mest kända parken i London.
Hyde Park is the most famous park in London.
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Detta är vägen till parken.
This is the road to the park.
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Parken ligger fem minuters promenad från vårt hotell.
The park is a five minute walk from our hotel.
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Jag promenerade i parken idag.
I was walking around the park today.
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Parken är stängd nattetid.
The park is closed at night.
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