Swedish Word: tre

English Meaning: three, 3

Word Forms: 3

Example Sentences:

Du måste ta den här medicinen tre gånger om dagen.
You have to take this medicine three times a day.
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Medan han var bortrest i tre månader hade brottslingarna brutit sig in i hans hus.
The criminals had broken into his house while he was away for three months.
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Ett plus två är lika med tre.
One plus two equals three.
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Han har varit arbetslös i tre år.
He has been unemployed for three years.
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Alla mina tre söner tog värvning i armén i fjol.
All three of my sons joined the army last year.
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Hon har två hundar och tre katter.
She has 2 dogs and 3 cats.
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Min kusin är tre år äldre än jag.
My cousin is three years older than I.
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