Swedish Word: henne

English Meaning: her

Word Forms: henne, hennes

Example Sentences:

Jag har glömt hennes telefonnummer.
I've forgotten her telephone number.
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Han namngav en stjärna efter henne.
He named a star after her.
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Han är hennes exman.
He is her ex-husband.
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Han tackade henne för hjälpen. "Det var så lite så", sade hon.
He thanked her for her help. "No trouble at all!" she said.
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Min dotter kom gråtande hem från skolan idag. "Vad har hänt?" frågade jag henne.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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"Godnatt älskling. Sov så gott!" sade hennes mamma.
"Good night, darling. Sleep well!" said her mom.
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Vår dotter kan sysselsätta sig själv utan att vi passar henne.
Our daughter is capable of occupying herself unattended.
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