Swedish Word: mer
Plural (Indefinite): mera

English Meaning: more

Example Sentences:

Det finns mer och mer information tillgänglig på Internet.
There's more and more information available on the Internet.
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Ju mer du övar, desto bättre blir din svenska.
The more you practise, the better your Swedish will be.
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Om du inte studerar mer kommer du inte att klara matteprovet.
If you do not study more, you will not pass your maths exam.
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Han är mer intresserad av matematik än fysik.
He is more interested in mathematics than physics.
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Jag har inte ätit mer än en smörgås på hela dagen.
I've had nothing but a sandwich all day.
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Kan jag få lite mer kaffe, tack?
Can I have more coffee, please?
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Min befordran betyder mer pengar men även mer ansvar.
My promotion means more money but also more responsibility.
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