Swedish Word: en semester
Singular (Definite): semestern
Plural (Indefinite): semestrar
Plural (Definite): semestrarna

English Meaning: vacation, holiday

Example Sentences:

I augusti åker vi på semester.
In August we will go on holiday.
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Kan du vattna mina blommor när jag är på semester?
Can you water my flowers while I'm on holidays?
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Vart ska du åka på semester i år?
Where are you going on holiday this year?
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Har du haft en trevlig semester?
Did you have a nice holiday?
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Jag hoppas att du har det trevligt på semestern.
I hope you are enjoying your holidays.
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Vi har varit på några underbara semestrar i Australien.
We've had some wonderful holidays in Australia.
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Vill du se mina semesterbilder?
Do you want to see my holiday pictures?
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