Swedish Word: prata

English Meaning: to talk, to chat

Word Forms: pratade, pratar, pratat

Example Sentences:

Vi gillar inte att prata politik.
We don't like talking about politics.
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Hon gråter varje gång hon pratar om den här filmen.
She cries every time she talks about this movie.
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Det är oartigt att prata med mat i munnen.
It is impolite to speak with your mouth full.
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"Alla i byn pratar om dig." "Det struntar jag i!" sade hon.
"Everyone in the village is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Vi måste prata.
We need to talk.
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Ibland pratar min fru i sömnen.
Sometimes my wife talks in her sleep.
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Färre människor pratar portugisiska än spanska.
Fewer people speak Portuguese than Spanish.
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