Swedish Word: ett barn
Singular (Definite): barnet
Plural (Indefinite): barn
Plural (Definite): barnen

English Meaning: child

Example Sentences:

Jag har inga barn.
I don't have children.
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Barn lär sig språk mycket snabbare än vuxna.
Children learn languages much faster than adults.
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Hon var ett mycket olydigt barn.
She was a very naughty child.
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Barnet gråter.
The child is crying.
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Vi har varit gifta i 11 år och har fyra barn.
We've been married for 11 years and have four children.
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När han var barn samlade han passionerat på frimärken.
When he was a child he passionately collected stamps.
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Barnen slog sönder rutan när de spelade boll.
The children broke the window while playing ball.
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