Swedish Word:

English Meaning: 1. to get 2. to be allowed 3. to receive 4. few 5. to have got to 6. to make sb do sth

Word Forms: får, fått, fick

Example Sentences:

Får jag presentera mig?
May I introduce myself?
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Hon fick missfall i tredje månaden.
She had a miscarriage in the third month.
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Sedan hon köpte en bredbilds-tv har livet fått en mening igen.
Since she bought a wide-screen TV, her life has become meaningful again.
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Hur får jag bort den här fläcken?
How do I remove this stain?
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De här glasögonen får honom att se yngre ut.
These glasses make him look younger.
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Snart får jag löneförhöjning.
Soon I'll get a raise.
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Var och en får tycka som den vill.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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