Spanish Word: sólo
English Meaning: only
German Meaning: nur

Example Sentences:

Sólo tengo diez euros.
I only have ten Euros.
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Sólo tú me haces feliz.
Only you make me happy.
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Aquí no tienen leche desnatada, sólo entera.
Here they don't have skimmed milk, just whole milk.
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En todo el día sólo me he tomado un sándwich.
I've had nothing but a sandwich all day.
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Anoche sólo dormí 5 horas.
I only slept for 5 hours last night.
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Sólo estaba bromeando.
I was just joking.
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Sólo he leído una pequeña parte de este libro.
I've only read a small part of this book.
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