Spanish Word: cenar
English Meaning: to dine, to eat dinner
German Meaning: zu Abend essen

Word Forms: cena, cenamos

Example Sentences:

Si me ayudas a limpiar, te invito a cenar.
If you help me clean up, I'll invite you out for dinner.
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Vamos a tener langosta para cenar. ¡Qué rica!
We are going to have lobster for dinner. How delicious!
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Cenamos a las 6.
We have dinner at 6 o'clock.
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Vamos a cenar fuera.
Let's go out for dinner.
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El día de Navidad, siempre cenamos ganso.
On Christmas Day, we always have goose for dinner.
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Gracias por invitarme a cenar.
Thank you for inviting me out to dinner.
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