Spanish Word: unas
English Meaning: a, an (feminine plural)

Example Sentences:

Ana tiene unas pestañas muy largas.
Ana has very long eyelashes.
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¡Desde aquí hay unas vistas fantásticas!
The views from here are fantastic!
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¿Quieres ir al parque? A lo mejor volvemos a ver unas cuantas ardillas.
Do you want to go to the park? Maybe we will see a few squirrels again.
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Sólo está embarazada de unas pocas semanas.
She is only a few weeks pregnant.
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Me gustaría solicitar unas prácticas en su empresa.
I would like to apply for an internship at your company.
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En el mundo sólo hablan sueco unas pocas personas.
Not many people in the world can speak Swedish.
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Related Words:


a, an (feminine singular)

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