Spanish Word: llover
English Meaning: to rain
German Meaning: regnen

Word Forms: lloviendo, llovió, llueva, llueve

Example Sentences:

No te olvides el paraguas, está lloviendo.
Don't forget the umbrella, it's raining.
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Según ella mañana va a llover.
According to her tomorrow it's going to rain.
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Parece que va a llover.
It looks like it's going to rain.
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Es posible que llueva mañana.
Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.
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Si no llueve, mañana podemos ir a la playa.
We can go to the beach tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
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Está lloviendo.
It is raining.
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Parecía que iba a llover.
It looked like it was going to rain.
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