Spanish Word: encantar
English Meaning: to enchant, to love sth
German Meaning: entzücken, verzücken, etwas mögen

Word Forms: encanta, encantaba, encantaban, encantado, encantan, encantaría, encanto, encantó

Example Sentences:

Me encanta cantar.
I love singing.
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Me encantaría vivir en Australia y tener un canguro.
I'd love to live in Australia and to have a kangaroo.
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¡Me encanta la playa!
I love the beach!
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Me encantan las novelas románticas.
I love romantic novels.
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Me encanta Oscar Wilde. Especialmente sus obras de teatro.
I love Oscar Wilde. Especially, his theatre plays.
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Me encantan las fresas con nata.
I love strawberries with cream.
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Les encanta la literatura infantil.
They love children's literature.
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