Spanish Word: hay que
English Meaning: have to
German Meaning: müssen

Example Sentences:

Hay que hacerlo ahora mismo.
It is necessary to do it right now.
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Hay que coger la primera calle a la derecha.
You need to take the first street on the right.
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¿Qué hay que hacer para llamar a tu país desde España?
What is necessary to make a phone call to your country from Spain?
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Hay que esperar la señal.
It is necessary to wait for the signal.
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Hay que poner gasolina al coche.
We have to put gas in the car.
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Hay que terminar con esto cuanto antes.
We've got to put a stop to this as soon as possible.
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Hay que mezclar bien los ingredientes.
Mix the ingredients well.
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Related Words:


1. to have 2. there is

Here: to have

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1. that 2. what 3. which 4. than 5. who

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