Spanish Word: parecer
English Meaning: 1. to seem, to look 2. to think of sth/sb
German Meaning: scheinen

Word Forms: parece, parecen, parecería, pareces, parecía, parecieran, parecieras, parecieron, pareció

Example Sentences:

No está mal. ¿A ti qué te parece?
It's not bad. What do you think?
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Vistos desde arriba parecen hormigas.
Seen from above, they look like ants.
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Me parece justo que quieras divertirte.
I think it's only fair that you want to have fun.
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Lo conocí el otro día y parece que tiene un carácter muy agradable.
I met him the other day and he seems to have a nice character.
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Parece que va a llover.
It looks like it's going to rain.
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No parece haber ningún acuerdo a la vista.
There doesn't seem to be an agreement in sight.
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Esas gafas le hacen parecer más viejo.
Those glasses make him look older.
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