Spanish Word: tomar
English Meaning: 1. to take 2. to drink 3. to make (decision) 4. to have, to consume
German Meaning: nehmen, ergreifen, trinken

Word Forms: toma, tomaba, tomado, tomamos, tomando, tomará, tomaré, tomaremos, tomaría, tomarlo, tomaron, tomarte, tomas, tómate, tomé, tome, tómelo, tomes, tomó, tomo

Example Sentences:

No tengo tiempo para tomar un café.
I don't have time to drink a coffee.
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He tomado una decisión, dejo el trabajo.
I've made a decision, I'm quitting the job.
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Tomaré un café sin azúcar.
I will have a coffee without sugar.
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Toma este camino y gira a la derecha.
Take this road and turn right.
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Este cliente suele tomar un bocadillo de queso y zumo de naranja.
This customer usually has a cheese sandwich and orange juice.
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Para ir a Sevilla tienes que tomar el autobús número siete.
To go to Seville you have to take bus number seven.
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Yo suelo tomar tostadas y café negro para desayunar.
I usually have toast and black coffee for breakfast.
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