Spanish Word: traer
English Meaning: to bring
German Meaning: bringen

Word Forms: trae, traen, traerme, traído, tráigame, traigan, tráiganos, trajeran, trajo

Example Sentences:

Traer un salario aceptable a casa es una verdadera lucha en los países subdesarrollados.
Bringing a reasonable salary home is a real struggle in underdeveloped countries.
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Por favor, tráiganos la carta de vinos.
Please bring us the wine list.
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¿Puede traerme la cuenta, por favor?
Can you bring me the bill please?
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¿Puedes traerme un poco de agua?
Could you bring me some water?
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Llevo toda la mañana esperando a que traigan los muebles nuevos.
I've been waiting for the delivery of the new furniture the whole morning.
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El matrimonio no siempre trae la felicidad.
Marriage does not always bring happiness.
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