Spanish Word: todo el mundo
English Meaning: everybody, everyone

Word Forms: todos

Example Sentences:

A todo el mundo le gusta la cultura española.
Everybody likes Spanish culture.
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Los mercados de valores se desplomaron en todo el mundo.
The stock markets collapsed worldwide.
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Todo el mundo sabe que el sol sale por el Este.
Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east.
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¿Está todo el mundo aquí?
Is everyone here?
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¿Estáis todos preparados?
Is everybody ready?
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Mi sueño es viajar por todo el mundo.
My dream is to travel all around the world.
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Related Words:

todo   (Pl: todos, Fem: toda, Pl Fem: todas)

1. everything 2. all 3. everyone 4. every

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the (masculine singular)

Here: the, who

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el mundo


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