Spanish Word: el médico
Plural: médicos
Feminine: médica
Plural (Feminine): médicas
English Meaning: doctor
German Meaning: Arzt
Italian Meaning: medico

Example Sentences:

Es maestro, aunque le hubiera gustado ser médico.
He is a teacher, although he would have liked to be a doctor.
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El médico me dijo que mi análisis de sangre era bueno.
The doctor told me that my blood test was fine.
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El médico me ha prohibido levantar cosas pesadas.
The doctor has forbidden me to lift heavy things.
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Los médicos no nos han dado muchas esperanzas.
The doctors have not given us much hope.
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La biopsia es una prueba médica.
Biopsy is a medical test.
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Antonio es médico y trabaja en un hospital desde hace muchos años.
Antonio is a doctor and he has been working at a hospital for many years.
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Mi médico me recetó este medicamento.
My doctor prescribed me this medicine.
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