Spanish Word: pero
English Meaning: but, however
German Meaning: aber

Example Sentences:

Estuve esperando a mi amigo en el bar, pero no vino.
I was waiting for my friend at the bar, but he didn't come.
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Lo siento pero tu nombre no está en la lista.
I'm sorry but your name is not on the list.
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Es español de nacimiento, pero ha vivido toda su vida en Inglaterra.
He is Spanish by birth, but has lived all his life in England.
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Algunos creen que el futuro puede leerse en la palma de la mano, pero yo no lo creo.
Some people believe that the future can be read in the palm of the hand, but I don't believe it.
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En mis últimas vacaciones fui a Egipto pero no fui a El Cairo.
On my last holidays I went to Egypt but I didn't go to Cairo.
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El tigre era el símbolo nacional, pero no estaba dibujado en su bandera.
The tiger was the national symbol, but it was not drawn on their flag.
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La comida basura no es saludable, ¡pero a los niños les encanta!
Junk food is unhealthy, but children love it!
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