Spanish Word: tener que
English Meaning: to have to, must, should
German Meaning: müssen

Word Forms: tendrán que, tendrás que, tendré que, tendría que, tendríamos que, tenemos que, tengan que, tengo que, tenía que, tenías que, tiene que, tienen que, tienes que, tuve que, tuvieron que, tuvo que

Example Sentences:

Tengo que irme.
I must go.
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Pedro tiene que ir a la biblioteca.
Pedro has to go to the library.
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Tienes que responder a todas las preguntas para aprobar el examen.
You have to answer all the questions to pass the exam.
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¡Este es el quinto fallo que tengo que corregir hoy!
This is the fifth mistake that I must correct today!
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Tienes que ir a Roma para ver el Coliseo. ¡Es maravilloso!
You have to go to Rome to see the Colosseum. It's wonderful!
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Cada vez que uses la cocina la tienes que limpiar.
Every time that you use the kitchen you must clean it.
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Si quieres ver el Big Ben tienes que ir a Londres.
If you want to see the Big Ben then you must go to London.
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Related Words:


1. to have 2. to wear 3. to be (years old) 4. to be (hungry, hot, cold)

Here: to have

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1. that 2. what 3. which 4. than 5. who

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