Spanish Word: vivir
English Meaning: to live
German Meaning: leben

Word Forms: viva, vivan, vivas, vive, viven, vives, vivía, vivían, vivido, viviendo, vivimos, vivió, vivirá, vivire, vivo

Example Sentences:

Me gusta mucho vivir en Inglaterra.
I like living in England very much.
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Vivo en el tercer piso.
I live on the third floor.
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Cuando era pequeño vivía en Moscú.
When I was a child I lived in Moscow.
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¿Dónde vives?
Where do you live?
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Yo vivo en Valladolid.
I live in Valladolid.
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Me encantaría vivir en Australia y tener un canguro.
I'd love to live in Australia and to have a kangaroo.
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Vivimos en una casa grande.
We live in a big house.
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