Spanish Word: el mercado
Plural: mercados
English Meaning: market, marketplace
German Meaning: Markt, Marktplatz

Example Sentences:

Lo compré en el mercado.
I bought it at the market.
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Hay mercados muy bonitos y coloridos en Guatemala.
There are very nice and colourful markets in Guatemala.
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Iré al mercado a comprar pan y fruta.
I will go to the market to buy bread and fruit.
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Se hizo millonario tras descubrir una oportunidad en el mercado.
He became a millionaire after spotting an opportunity in the market.
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Cerca de aquí hay un mercado grande.
There is a big market nearby.
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Smithfield es un famoso mercado de carne en Londres.
Smithfield is a famous meat market in London.
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