Spanish Word: les
English Meaning: 1. (to) them 2. you
German Meaning: sie, ihnen

Example Sentences:

El negocio les va muy bien.
Their business is doing very well.
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Les encanta la literatura infantil.
They love children's literature.
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A los ratones les gusta el queso.
Mice like cheese.
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La comida basura no es saludable, ¡pero a los niños les encanta!
Junk food is unhealthy, but children love it!
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A los esturiones no les gusta nada comer caviar.
Sturgeons don't enjoy eating caviar at all.
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¿Cómo les reconociste?
How did you recognise them?
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A mis hijos les encanta jugar en la arena.
My children love to play in the sand.
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