Spanish Word: por favor
English Meaning: please
German Meaning: bitte

Example Sentences:

Más alto, por favor.
Louder, please.
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¿Me da su dirección?, por favor.
Can you give me your address, please?
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¿Quieres un poco más? Sí, por favor.
Would you like a bit more? Yes, please.
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Un segundo, por favor.
One second, please.
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¡Un momento, por favor! Estaré ahí en un minuto.
One moment, please. I will be there in a minute!
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¡Incluye este artículo en el periódico, por favor!
Include this report in the newspaper, please!
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Por favor, lea la información de arriba para rellenar el formulario.
Please, read the information above to fill in the application form.
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Related Words:


1. for 2. by 3. through 4. because of

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el favor


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