Spanish Word: mismo
Plural: mismos
Feminine: misma
Plural (Feminine): mismas
English Meaning: 1. same 2. self
German Meaning: gleich

Example Sentences:

Mire, está aquí mismo, al final de esta calle.
Look, it is right here, at the end of this street.
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¡No quiero cometer el mismo fallo de nuevo!
I don't want to make the same mistake again!
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Lo hace del mismo modo que yo.
He does it the same way as me.
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Eso es más o menos lo mismo.
That's more or less the same.
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He experimentado lo mismo que tú.
I've had the same experience as you.
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Solo se interesa por sí mismo.
He is only interested in himself.
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No cometeré dos veces el mismo error.
I won't make the same mistake twice.
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