Spanish Word: aquí
English Meaning: here
German Meaning: hier

Example Sentences:

¿Hay una cabina de teléfono por aquí?
Is there a telephone booth around here?
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Mire, está aquí mismo, al final de esta calle.
Look, it is right here, at the end of this street.
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Hay un bar por aquí cerca, al final de esta calle.
There is a bar near here, at the end of this street.
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¿Qué estás haciendo aquí?
What are you doing here?
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Aquí no tienen leche desnatada, sólo entera.
Here they don't have skimmed milk, just whole milk.
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Es un gran honor para mí estar hoy aquí.
It's a great honour for me to be here today.
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¿Con qué derecho entras aquí?
What right do you have to come in here?
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