Spanish Word: sobre
English Meaning: 1. about 2. on 3. over
German Meaning: 1. oberhalb, über 2. Umschlag, Kuvert (el sobre)

Example Sentences:

Las llaves del coche están sobre la tele.
The car keys are on top of the telly.
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El gato está sobre la mesa.
The cat is on the table.
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Esta es la historia sobre un lobo y un conejo.
This is the story about a wolf and a rabbit.
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Tuvimos un debate sobre drogas en el colegio.
We had a debate about drugs at school.
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Tenía los codos sobre la mesa.
He had his elbows on the table.
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Aplique la crema sobre la zona afectada.
Apply the cream to the affected area.
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Habrá una investigación sobre el accidente.
There'll be an investigation into the accident.
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