Spanish Word: dar
English Meaning: 1. to give 2. to offer 3. to have
German Meaning: geben, vorkommen

Word Forms: da, daba, daban, dado, dale, dame, damelo, dan, dando, dará, daré, darle, darles, darme, darnos, darse, dárselo, darte, das, dé, den, des, di, dieron, dimos, dió, dio, diste, doy

Example Sentences:

¿Me da su dirección?, por favor.
Can you give me your address, please?
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Se han dado dos casos de intoxicación.
There have been two cases of food poisoning.
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En esta habitación da el sol por las mañanas.
This room gets the sun in the morning.
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María le dio la carta de renuncia al director.
Maria gave the resignation letter to the manager.
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La Reina es la cabeza oficial de la Iglesia de Inglaterra.
The Queen is the official head of the Church of England.
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¡El jefe es el que da las órdenes aquí!
The boss is the one who gives orders around here!
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Dale esta carta a tu madre. Es muy importante.
Give this letter to your mother. It is very important.
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