Spanish Word: la noche
Plural: noches
English Meaning: night
German Meaning: Nacht
Italian Meaning: notte

Example Sentences:

Cada noche, Julieta saludaba a Romeo desde la torre del castillo de su padre.
Every night, Juliet greeted Romeo from the tower of her father's castle.
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La norma es que no se sale después de las 10 de la noche.
The rule is not to go out after 10 p.m.
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Voy a llevar un vestido naranja y accesorios negros para la Noche de Brujas.
For the Halloween I'm going to wear an orange dress and black accessories.
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Los sapos se alimentan en la noche y se esconden durante el día.
Toads feed at night and hide during the day.
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Nevó durante la noche.
It snowed during the night.
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¿Me das permiso para salir esta noche?
Can I get permission to go out tonight?
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¿Esta zona es segura por la noche?
Is this area safe at night?
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