Spanish Word:
English Meaning: you
German Meaning: du

Example Sentences:

Sólo tú me haces feliz.
Only you make me happy.
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Deja de imitar a los demás y haz lo que tú creas mejor.
Stop imitating others and do what you think is best.
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Tú eres el único que lo sabe. ¡Es un secreto!
You are the only one who knows. It's a secret!
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Soy mayor que tú.
I'm older than you.
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¿Tu hermano es mayor o menor que tú?
Is your brother older or younger than you?
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He experimentado lo mismo que tú.
I've had the same experience as you.
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Si yo fuera tú, no haría eso.
If I were you, I wouldn't do that.
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