Spanish Word: grande
Plural: grandes
English Meaning: big, great, large
German Meaning: groß

Example Sentences:

Mi amigo italiano tiene un apartamento muy grande.
My Italian friend has a very big flat.
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Vivimos en una casa grande.
We live in a big house.
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Rusia es el país más grande de Europa.
Russia is the biggest country of Europe.
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Milán es una de las ciudades más grandes de Italia.
Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy.
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Le llamaban "Dumbo" por sus grandes orejas.
He was called "Dumbo" because of his big ears.
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Ese culturista tiene unos grandes bíceps.
That bodybuilder has big biceps.
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Las ballenas son los mamíferos más grandes de la tierra.
Whales are the biggest mammals on earth.
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