Spanish Word: el calor
English Meaning: warmth, heat
German Meaning: Wärme, Hitze

Example Sentences:

En el Sur hace más calor.
It's warmer in the south.
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Los metales son buenos conductores del calor.
Metals are good conductors of heat.
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En verano hace mucho calor aquí.
In summer it's extremely hot here.
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¿Por qué no te pones los pantalones cortos? ¡Fuera hace mucho calor!
Why don't you wear shorts? It's very hot outside!
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Hay muchos mosquitos debido al calor.
Because of the heat there are a lot mosquitoes.
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En el sur de Taiwán, hace mucho más calor que en el norte.
In the South of Taiwan it's much hotter than in the North.
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Con este calor es importante beber mucha agua.
During this heat it's important to drink a lot of water.
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