Spanish Word: uno
English Meaning: one, 1
German Meaning: eins

Word Forms: 1

Example Sentences:

¿Quieres un café solo o uno con leche?
Would you like black coffee or a latte?
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La coquetería es uno de sus defectos.
Flirting is one of his faults.
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Europa es uno de los 7 continentes de la tierra.
Europe is one of the seven continents of earth.
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Si eres educado, se espera que digas "de nada" cuando uno te dice "gracias".
If you are polite, you are expected to say "you're welcome" when one says "thank you".
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Carlos tiene algunos problemas con su coche. Necesita uno nuevo.
Charles has some problems with his car. He needs a new one.
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Uno de los puertos más importantes de España está situado en Valencia.
One of the most important harbours of Spain is located in Valencia.
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El fútbol es uno de los deportes más populares del mundo.
Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.
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