Spanish Word: los
English Meaning: 1. the (masculine plural) 2. you 3. them
German Meaning: die, sie

Example Sentences:

Detrás de los árboles hay un río.
There is a river behind these trees.
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¿Cuándo me devolverás los libros?
When will you return the books to me?
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Los niños están en el parque.
The children are in the park.
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María va a la iglesia los domingos.
Maria goes to church on Sundays.
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Los niños quieren ir a jugar.
The children want to go to play.
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Los ordenadores son mejor que las máquinas de escribir.
Computers are better than typewriters.
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Los metales son buenos conductores del calor.
Metals are good conductors of heat.
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Related Words:


the (masculine singular)

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