Spanish Word: morir
English Meaning: to die, to pass away
German Meaning: sterben

Word Forms: muera, muere, mueren, muero, muerto, muramos, muriendo, muriera, murieran, murieron, murió, nos morimos

Example Sentences:

A diferencia de las abejas, las avispas no mueren al picar.
Unlike bees, wasps do not die when they sting.
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Muchas personas murieron en la Guerra de Independencia de México entre mexicanos y colonos españoles.
Many people died in the Mexican War of Independence between Mexican people and Spanish colonists.
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Mi tío murió de cáncer el año pasado.
My uncle died of cancer last year.
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El animal murió la noche pasada.
The animal died last night.
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Murió con agonía.
He died in agony.
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Murió por causas naturales.
He died of natural causes.
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En Francia, por lo menos 19 personas han muerto en inundaciones.
In France, at least 19 people have died in floods.
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