Spanish Word: si
English Meaning: if
German Meaning: falls

Example Sentences:

Si recoges tu habitación, mañana iremos a la playa.
If you clean up your room, we will go to the beach tomorrow.
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Si me ayudas a limpiar, te invito a cenar.
If you help me clean up, I'll invite you out for dinner.
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Si necesitas leche puedes ir al supermercado.
If you need milk you can go to the supermarket.
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Si eres educado, se espera que digas "de nada" cuando uno te dice "gracias".
If you are polite, you are expected to say "you're welcome" when one says "thank you".
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Si apruebas tu examen, obtendrás la licencia de conducir.
If you pass your exam, you will obtain the driver's license.
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Echa un vistazo en el diccionario si necesitas conocer la definición.
Take a look in the dictionary if you need to know the definition.
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Si quieres ver el Big Ben tienes que ir a Londres.
If you want to see the Big Ben then you must go to London.
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