Spanish Word: durante
English Meaning: 1. during 2. for 3. in, in the meantime
German Meaning: während

Example Sentences:

Engordé 5 kilos durante el verano.
I gained 5 kilogram during the summer.
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Destrozaron la torre del castillo durante la guerra.
They destroyed the castle tower during the war.
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El gobierno había estado en crisis durante demasiado tiempo, y al final, el primer ministro ofreció su renuncia.
The government had been in crisis for too long, and in the end, the prime minister offered his resignation.
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Trabaje durante dos años como camarero.
I worked for two years as a waiter.
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Pedro toca el clarinete en una banda musical durante el verano.
Peter plays clarinet in a music band during the summer.
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Durante la pelea, el jugador recibió una patada en la ingle.
During the fight, the player was kicked in the groin.
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Los sapos se alimentan en la noche y se esconden durante el día.
Toads feed at night and hide during the day.
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