Spanish Word: la hermana
Plural: hermanas
English Meaning: sister
German Meaning: Schwester

Example Sentences:

Tengo una hermana que se llama Raquel.
I have a sister whose name is Raquel.
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¿Viste a mi hermana ayer?
Did you see my sister yesterday?
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Mi hermana tiene ojos negros.
My sister has dark eyes.
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Tengo cuatro hermanos y dos hermanas.
I have four brothers and two sisters.
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Mi hermana menor tiene veinte años.
My younger sister is 20 years old.
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¿Tu hermana es esa de allí? Sí, es esa.
Is that your sister over there? Yes, that's she.
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Mi hermana se casa el mes que viene.
My sister is getting married next month.
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