Spanish Word: del
English Meaning: of the (short for de + el)
German Meaning: der, von der (kurz für de + el)

Example Sentences:

Las llaves del coche están sobre la tele.
The car keys are on top of the telly.
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Después del relámpago viene el trueno.
After the lightning comes the thunder.
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Hoy están echando una película del Oeste.
Today they are showing a Western.
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La hierba del parque es verde.
The grass at the park is green.
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Los metales son buenos conductores del calor.
Metals are good conductors of heat.
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El local del partido está en la calle Dato.
The premises of the party are in Dato street.
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Un 13% del turismo visita nuestra zona.
13% of the tourists visit our area.
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Related Words:



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the (masculine singular)

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