Spanish Word: a
English Meaning: to, with, by
German Meaning: auf, nach, mit, bei

Example Sentences:

Hoy, vamos a comer pescado en lugar de carne.
Today, we are going to eat fish instead of meat.
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Hay que coger la primera calle a la derecha.
You need to take the first street on the right.
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¿Qué hay que hacer para llamar a tu país desde España?
What is necessary to make a phone call to your country from Spain?
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No está mal. ¿A ti qué te parece?
It's not bad. What do you think?
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A caballo regalado no se le mira el diente.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
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¿Vas a Sevilla cada semana?
Do you go to Seville every week?
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Voy a darme un baño caliente.
I'm going to take a hot bath.
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