Spanish Word: su
English Meaning: 1. his, her 2. (formal) your 3. their
German Meaning: sein, seine, ihr, ihre

Example Sentences:

Su primer hijo nació la semana pasada.
Her first son was born last week.
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¿Me da su dirección?, por favor.
Can you give me your address, please?
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A Miguel no le gusta su trabajo, él preferiría trabajar para mí.
Miguel does not like his job, he would rather work for me.
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El gobierno ha decidido mejorar su imagen.
The government has decided to improve their image.
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¿Cuál es la dirección de su casa?
What is the address of your/his/her house?
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Su valentía nos sirve de ejemplo.
Their courage is an example to us.
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Cada noche, Julieta saludaba a Romeo desde la torre del castillo de su padre.
Every night, Juliet greeted Romeo from the tower of her father's castle.
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Related Words:

suyo   (Pl: suyos, Fem: suya, Pl Fem: suyas)

his, her, theirs

Here: his

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