Spanish Word: ser
English Meaning: to be
German Meaning: sein

Word Forms: Éramos, éramos, eran, estuviste, fuera, fuéramos, fueran, fueras, fueron, fui, fuimos, fuiste, sea, sean, seas, será, serán, seré, sería, serían, serías, sido, siendo, sois, somos, soy

Example Sentences:

Yo soy pobre.
I'm poor.
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Soy libre de hacer lo que quiera.
I'm free to do as I like.
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Es maestro, aunque le hubiera gustado ser médico.
He is a teacher, although he would have liked to be a doctor.
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Soy italiano. Sin embargo, vivo en España.
I'm Italian. However, I live in Spain.
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Fui al dentista el jueves pasado.
I went to the dentist last Thursday.
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Soy la oveja negra de la familia.
I'm the black sheep of the family.
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Fueron condenados a muerte.
They were condemned to death.
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